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Join thousands of other investors and fund business loans secured with real estate.


Join other members and build a portfolio of cash-flow positive, diversified investments.


Get fast and easy financing for your next project.


Investment in retail businesses backed by their real estate.

Retail business and real estate investment. Streamlined. Diversify your portfolio from the comfort of your living room.

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Borrowers apply for loans. Every loan is pre-screened.

Select the loans you want to help fund, then sit back and collect payments.

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Now you can become an investor at a lower entering price point of $3,000.

Easy, fast and free access to unique deals such as retail businesses – otherwise not accessible.

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What we do

1. Sign up for REAMERGE

Signing up for REAMERGE is easy and free. Once you sign up, you gain direct access to an exclusive range of pre-screened investments available. Every deal on REAMERGE is carefully evaluated and rated by our team of experts. You can take advantage of a low entry investment level of only $3,000-$5,000 and go up to the full amount you wish to invest.

What we do

2. Browse Investment Opportunities

Members of REAMERGE can browse the marketplace and learn more about specific investments. Access a detailed investment page for any specific business or property.

What we do

3. View & Finalize your Investment(s)

Once you decide which investment(s) you are interested in, you can easily and securely sign legal paperwork online and submit payment for your investment(s).

What we do

4. Wait for Funding Goal to be Achieved

Each investment has a unique funding goal and your funds are maintained in a secure escrow account until that goal is achieved. Once the target fund goal is achieved, funds will then be released to the Sponsor. In the event the funding goal is not met in the specified time period, 100% of your funds are returned to you.

What we do

5. Manage your Investment(s) Online

As a REAMERGE Investor, you have access to a secure Investor Dashboard where you can monitor your investments and returns, receive regular updates, and manage your investor documents.

Institutional Investing

REAMERGE offers a personal representative for institutional investors interested in crowdfunding opportunities.

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