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Got money in the bank? Get it to work at REAMERGE!

REAMERGE is a crowd funding platform that aims to provide excellentinvestment opportunities in retail businesses, properties, and real estate – both debt and equity deals. REAMERGE allows the investors to invest in deals that were never before accessible, for a low entry price point. We strive to achieve trust, transparency, clarity, and a proper risk profile for our investors and ensure they make informed decisions with their investments.

For property developers and retail owners, REAMERGE provides a platform where they can showcase their plans and realize their dreams and aspirations. Theplatform provides an excellent prospect to raise capital for your business so that you can concentrate on succeeding in your niche industry.

Meet Our Team

Our backgrounds encompass finance, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Samina Sadruddin

Samina is one of the co-founders of REAMERGE responsible for strategic direction and operations. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Samina has over 8 years of experience in Finance and Risk Management. Samina holds a BBA (Accounting and Finance) and M.S. Accounting from The University of Houston.

Hussain Karovalia

One of the core members of the REAMERGE team, Hussain is responsible for strategic partnerships with real estate developers, and deal underwriting. Hussainbrings multiyear experience in owning, operating and financing retail and convenience businesses.

Sarfaraz Sadruddin

Sarfaraz is one of the co-founders of REMEARGE. He leads the software development for REMEARGE portal as well as internal controls for investor and sponsor support. Sarfaraz is passionate about combining technology with Finance bringing energy and creativity to the REMEARGE team.

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